FEELM deler æren med kunder ved dette års Vapouround Awards og vinder på tværs af fire kategorier

Vapouround prisuddeling


16 May 2023, London, UK | FEELM, the world’s leading closed system solution provider, belonging to SMOORE – a global leader in atomisation technology solutions – recently shone at the Vapouround 2023 annual awards ceremony in Birmingham last Friday, winning the Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry, and Best Manufacturer. Its client KIWI Go and DejaVoo Cyber also share the honor and won the first and second place of the “Best Disposable” categories respectively.

Vapouround 2023 annual awards ceremony


The Vapouround Awards are one of the most prestigious and authoritative annual awards for the global vaping industry. All winning brands are selected by a panel of professional judges and represent the outstanding performance of the past year in various segments of the industry. FEELM is not new to winning in the Vapouround Awards, with the brand having been awarded Industry Leader and Best Innovation in 2020.

Vapouround 2023 annual awards ceremony

FEELM has made notable achievements in the closed pod-system category, with around 3.5 billion pods sold to more than 50 countries since 2018. Its disposable ceramic coil technologies have also already been launched in key markets including France, the UK, and Belgium, and will soon be available more widely in more countries.

Vapouround 2023 annual awards ceremony

FEELM has been dedicated to embracing innovations with the aim of taking the industry standard to new heights. While most of the 2ml e-liquid engangs products provide only 600 puffs, FEELM Max solutions can now deliver 800 puffs, all whilst remaining TPD-compliant.

Vapouround Awards 2023 annual ceremony

At the Birmingham Vaper Expo, on the Saturday at its launch event, FEELM unveiled its new innovative engangs solution, FEELM Max, with the advanced heating technology of its S1 ceramic coil. FEELM Max offers more puffs, greater taste consistency, and a fully visible mouthpiece to measure e-liquid, making it the best disposable available whilst still ensuring regulatory compliance with the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) in the UK and the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in the EU.


FEELM Max is now available in markets including the UK, Italy and Germany, and have been well-received by consumers, who have said that it feels silkier and smoother than other products.


We look forward to continuing to bring our FEELM Max technology to more consumers, whilst ensuring that our solutions are always compliant with the regulatory requirements where they are sold.



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